Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership legal preliminaries

Making an appointment

If you live in Hull, you will need to make an appointment to come into the Hull Register Office in the Wilson Centre.

If you both live in Hull this can be done together at the same appointment. If you and your partner live in different areas you will each need to give notice the area in which you live.

The appointment will take between 20 to 40 minutes.

Use the form below to request an appointment. Before requesting an appointment it is important to make sure you have understood the information, particularly the section on documents you will need to bring to your appointment.

Request an appointment

To manage demand for appointments, we are currently only offering appointments to couples who already have a ceremony booked and that ceremony is due to take place in the next 6 months.

If your ceremony is more than 6 months away, do not request an appointment as we will not be able to provide this service until closer to the date of your ceremony.