Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership legal preliminaries

Legal procedures

Giving notice is a legal requirement and something you must do in person. By giving notice you are legally declaring you intend to marry or register a civil partnership.

A notice of marriage is a signed legal statement. This is displayed on the Register Office notice board for 28 days. It includes the couple's -

  • names
  • ages
  • marital status
  • address
  • occupation
  • nationality 
  • intented venue for the ceremony

After 28 days, the marriage schedule can be issued. The marriage schedule is only valid for use in the venue stated. If you change your venue after giving notice, you will need to give fresh notices and pay the fees again.

You must give notice at least 28 days before the date you intend to get married or register your civil partnership. You cannot give notice more than 12 months in advance.