Apply for your venue to be approved for marriage

We always welcome the opportunity to work with new venues.

If you have a building that you think would be the perfect location to hold civil weddings and civil partnership ceremonies, you can apply for a licence.

Do not be overwhelmed by the detail and requirements. We are committed to work in partnership with all approved premises in respect of both the licensing process and the provision of ceremonies.

Before submitting an application we advise you to contact the Superintendent Registrar. This is to -

  • seek guidance
  • arrange an initial visit
  • provide an opportunity to discuss the application process
  • ensure the potential suitability of the venue

Contact the Superintendent Registrar -

Email -

We assist with promotional and marketing activities where practical to do so. All of our venues have unique characteristics, and we welcome the opportunity to help you showcase yours and ultimately help couples who choose to get married or register a civil partnership in Hull, have the day that they hope for.

More detail about legal requirements can be found in our information booklet, which is given to you once you have contacted the Superintendent Registrar. This booklet aims to both provide information to support the application process and practical guidance and considerations associated with becoming approved and once a license has been granted.

To apply for your venue to be approved for marriage you can complete the form below.

Apply for venue approval

With your application you will need to provide -

  • 2 copies of a plan of the premises showing the rooms in which the ceremonies will take place
  • copies of current health and safety certificates and fire certificates
  • copies of relevant planning permissions
  • a copy of the public liability insurance

There is a £925 application fee which you need to pay online when you are completing the application form. The application fee is not refundable, even if your application is not approved.

All applications are subject to a 21 day public notice period.

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