Register a marriage

The introduction of the marriage schedule system in 2019 modernised how marriages are registered.

This change saw the move away from paper to a marriage schedule system and the introduction of an electronic marriage register. This means records can be kept secure and be easily accessed in the future.

We can record your mother, father or parents' details on the Marriage Schedule and these are also recorded in the marriage register. Step-parents can be recorded if they are or have been married to one of your parents. You have the opportunity to provide this information when completing legal preliminaries.

It is important to think carefully about the details you want to be recorded. You also need to think about the order you want them to be recorded in. If this information is not provided as part of your legal preliminaries, you can ask for the information to be added on the day of your ceremony.

a picture of a person signing a document

At the end of the ceremony, you check the details contained on the marriage schedule are accurate, including the spellings of names. Once checked you, your witnesses and the officials sign the document. As there is no longer a paper marriage register this is the only document you are required to sign. It is important to check the document carefully, errors identified after the document has been signed can be difficult to change and may incur additional fees.

The marriage schedule document is used after the ceremony to create the entry in the electronic marriage register.

You will not receive a marriage certificate on the day of your ceremony, a marriage certificate can only be produced after the information has been recorded on to the electronic marriage register. If you have pre-ordered a copy of your marriage certificate this will be posted to you or available for collection within 5 working days.

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