Planning your marriage or civil partnership ceremony

Plan your day

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Once you have given notice, we provide you with a choice of ceremonies. Our booklet that we give you when you give notice explains the structure of ceremonies and the parts that are required by law.

If you have chosen to get married at the Guildhall Register Office Ceremony Room you have a choice of 3 scripts. If you have chosen one of our approved venues, we provide you with a selection of choices for each part of the ceremony. We script your ceremony using the choices that you make.

There are many ways you can personalise your ceremony. We go through these options with you so that you can make the ceremony personal to you. Our booklet give you suggestions on how you can do this. Our experienced staff will be more than happy to discuss these with you.

Remember that it is a civil ceremony and there should be no religious content.

You need to return your completed ceremony choices form to us at least 12 weeks before your wedding, where this is possible.

When returning the form, this is an opportunity to make any special requests. It is your special day, and we will do what we can to ensure the day is as you want it to be. You can provide us with any details that would be useful for the registrar conducting your ceremony to be aware of, such as additional readings.

You can return your completed ceremony forms by -


In person or by post to -

Hull Register Office
PO Box 15