Convert a Civil Partnership into a Marriage

Convert a civil partnership into a marriage

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If you are in a civil partnership you can convert this into a marriage.

The conversion is an administrative process. It can be completed at any register office in England and Wales, it doesn't have to be the place where the civil partnership was formed.

Both parties need to attend an appointment with a registrar. You complete and sign the civil partnership conversion declaration and can choose to do this with or without a ceremony.

When you attend an appointment we need to see original documents to show your details -

  • names and ages -
    • passport
    • birth certificate
    • any name change documents
  • address – one of the following each -
    • council tax bill
    • bank statement
    • photo ID
    • UK driving licence
    • your existing civil partnership certificate

If you want to celebrate the conversion with a ceremony in which you formerly acknowledge your relationship as a marriage and that you are now legally recognized as husband and husband or wife and wife, you can choose to do this after the conversion either the same day or at a later date.

Alternatively, you can choose to complete the conversion using a 2 stage process. If you select this option all documentation is checked during the first stage at an appointment with a registrar, but the signing of the legal document can take place in stage 2 and at a separate ceremony which could be on same day or at a later date. If you want to sign the declaration as part of a ceremony your certificate confirming the conversion has been recorded will not be available until after the ceremony, there is also an additional fee for the ceremony when selecting this option.

To enquire about a civil partnership conversion using either of the above options, contact us by -

Email -

A fee is payable to convert a civil partnership into a marriage.

If you want to convert your civil partnership to a marriage, without having a ceremony you will pay -

  • £45 appointment fee
  • £4 for a marriage certificate

If you want to convert your civil partnership to a marriage as part of a 2 stage process to you will pay -

  • £27 for an appointment
  • £4 for a marriage certificate
  • the appropriate celebration ceremony fee, dependent on the day and time of the ceremony and the venue chosen

More information on celebration ceremony fees