Freedom Ceremonies

Your venue - your choice

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A celebration that is personal, unique and meaningful to you.

If you want something different but feel as though legal restrictions prevent you from having the ceremony of your choice. This type of ceremony allows you to celebrate your marriage or civil partnership at the location of your choice. This could be -

  • an open air ceremony in the garden
  • an unusual themed ceremony staged in a village hall
  • in your own home
  • somewhere else that is not licensed for marriage

The freedom ceremony -

  • includes a ceremony written especially for you to celebrate your marriage
  • is at a venue of your choice
  • allows you to have the added freedom of including religious or cultural traditions

To make sure all legal aspects of a marriage are met we arrange a legal ceremony on the day of your choice to take place at the Register Office. This will be followed by your own personal ceremony at the venue hand-picked by you. Whenever possible we make sure that the registrar who records your legal marriage also acts as celebrant for your ceremony, enabling both the legal part and wider celebration to be linked together as a seamless service and giving you the continuity of dealing with the same person.

The choice is completely yours, whether you want -

  • traditional
  • vintage
  • quirky
  • modern

Our celebrant will be on hand throughout to discuss your wishes and help you develop your own unique ceremony.

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