Civil marriage ceremonies

Civil marriage ceremonies

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It is your day, so we want you to have the ceremony of your choice. This can be a -

  • simple legal ceremony with no additional content or fuss, just the couple and witnesses present
  • more lavish affair with -
    • family
    • friends
    • bridesmaids
    • readings
    • music
    • a ceremony room or at an approved venue

Whichever options you choose, we do our best to make your ceremony as special as possible.

There will be 2 registrars present at the ceremony. One will conduct the ceremony and the other will complete legal preliminaries and register the marriage.

All ceremonies are held in English and require words to be spoken. If either party is unable to speak or understand English, an interpreter must be present.

You will need to have a minimum of 2 witnesses but can have up to a maximum of 6. Witnesses sign the schedule and the names of those who signed will be recorded in the marriage register and will be shown on your marriage certificate. Witnesses must be able and old enough to understand the ceremony and their role in it.

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